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4 Signs You Need Brake Repair

If the brakes on your vehicle need a repair, don’t wait to call for service. Without brakes, your car won’t stop and we all know what happens then. Plus, riding around in a car without brakes or with brakes that are damaged is very scary. Numerous signs indicate the need for brake service. Know the signs and pay attention to your car so you aren’t driving around in an unsafe vehicle. Some of the many signs that indicate it is time to call for west seattle brakes service include the four below.

1.  Unusual Noises

Your brakes shouldn’t make any type of squealing or squeaking sound and when they do, there’s trouble. Most of the unusual noises start out of nowhere but cause trouble very quickly. Call a professional to schedule brake repair if there’s strange noises because you might find it hard to stop before long.

2.  Harder to Stop the Vehicle

Do you notice that it is difficult to stop the car when you press on the brakes? Do you need to push the brakes harder to come to a complete stop? There are many reasons for such a problem, but all of them need the professional expertise to correct. Make sure you pay attention to this sign of trouble!

3.  Brake Light

west seattle brakes

Pay attention to those lights on the dashboard. The dashboard lights are made to alert you of trouble before damage occurs, help better protect your car and your wallet.  When the dashboard light is lit up, trouble is lurking that you shouldn’t ignore.

4.  Leaking Brake Fluid

Leaking fluid is always a sign of trouble and one that you shouldn’t ignore. Brake fluid leaks when the brakes are worn out. This means that you’re at great risk if you drive the vehicle. Gaskets, hoses, and other important parts loosen and put you at risk!